I was whisked off to Portland a couple months ago for my bday.

Naturally I was pretty excited. I hadn't been to Portland before and it was going to be FALL there. There's something about the Fall during my birthday. I grew up in the midwest until I was in high school so the majority of my birthdays were celebrated in beautiful Fall colors. Portland had just that.

We went to all the places I've had on my list plus more. 

-Screen Door: my personal fave in town. The fried chicken and potato soup is where it's at.

-Cargo Inc: Super random finds from various countries. I wish I was driving back to Cali, instead of flying, so I could hall some of the antique furniture home.

-Powell's Bookstore: Huge bookstore - it's hard to leave without a new read. A must.

-Made Here PDX: A curation of artist and designer goods. Everything from fancy packaged foods to art prints and handmade leather accessories. 

-Woonwinkle: This general type store is the coolest. Came back with moon coasters, jumbo magnet and toy top (super fun to play with at your desk while you're waiting for a video to export.)

-Wine tasting: I ended up at Phelps Creek in hopes of viewing Mt. Hood while sipping on some wine. The entire trip it was too cloudy/rainy to visibly see it- such a bummer.

-Sizzle Pie: Good pizza. Duh.

-VooDoo Donuts: Had to.

I'm actually heading back up there in a couple weeks and already curating a new list of things to see. I'll share that once I'm back.