After graduating from FIDM with a degree in Fashion Design, Renee went on to design for several large apparel companies. But when the economy tanked, and the fashion industry was hit hard, Renee was laid off from subsequent design jobs as multiple brands were forced to shut their doors. Wanting to create something that no one could take away from her, Hanger Shortage started as a creative outlet with the objective of highlighting independent designers, artists and brands that are finding success playing by their own rules.

Hanger Shortage first became a platform for showcasing people with eclectic wardrobes and unique senses of style all while discussing the stories behind their career paths.

Since creating Hanger Shortage, Renee also started her own fashion brand under the label 16thColony - a dream she had always envisioned. 

She also consults for several other fashion brands as a photographer and filmmaker.

When she's not working around the clock, she enjoys traveling and Yelping to find the best Donut spots around.

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