Took a trip out to Memphis for a filming gig. Nothing like working with your friends. We all had an amazing time and definitely had some adventures mixed into the 'work' portion. Beale Street, Casino and the Tennessee River. Glad we made it back alive. JK.


Once again, in February, we were blessed to fly across the Pacific and film in beautiful Oahu during Pow! Wow! Hawaii. I filmed along side 0484CREATIVE for a short film featuring HEX.

I'll make it quick and easy - highlights of the trip included:

The Modern Hotel - my all time favorite place

Filming in cut-off shorts and converse

Hanauma Bay - even though it was pretty chilly once the sun set

Adventuring up the North Shore in a Jeep

Dining at BLT - another fave

Beach days with good friends

Sunshine and warm breezes

Mimosas by the pool

I worked. I swear. It's actually kind of amazing how life can end up being. It's magical and unreal to be able to enjoy the most amazing parts of life all while working.



Went out to Portland for a second time back in January.

It was the start of a 17 day adventure of being on the road filming. 

Gabe and I spent the weekend with JP and his wife Danielle in the freezing cold of PDX. John built a custom Hyundai Tucson. It was showing at the Portland Auto Show and because it was out there we filmed a short video featuring JP and his ride while he was out interviewing with some pretty awesome independent designers.

I just finished editing the video - I'm sure we'll release it soon. Hold tight.


I filmed a new short vid for winemaker Love Noir and actually managed to shoot this whole vid (except for one shot) by myself. Takes a little longer trying to set that focus but, hey, it all worked out. Back to the grind with more editing and 16thColony 'stuff'. Happy Monday.


The new 16thColony Spring/Summer 2016 collection is now live! Introducing 'Moonshadow'.

Inspired by looking at things in a new perspective. For instance, it's easy to look at the shape of the moon as it appears whether it's a waxing crescent or a waning gibbous, but I often try to image the part not show. I look at the part of the moon that seems as if it's missing - the shadow casted by the position of the sun. I image what the section of that moon looks like. 

Every collection comes from within me and this one is no different. There's a constant evolution in 16thColony, as there is with me. This collection is our biggest yet, full of new flowy dresses and skirts and flirty shorts and tops. Wander on over and check it all out here:


In just a few short days my new SS16 collection for 16thColony will launch.

When you're the only one running the show, you wear a lot of hats. I'm hands on with everything for 16thColony, just short of physically producing the product itself. Behind the scenes I'm designing, sourcing fabric and trim, hand drafting the patterns and sewing the samples. The term 'blood, sweat and tears' holds a lot of truth for me. 

Recently, I was up in LA on the hunt for new fabrics and felt inspired to capture my experience, so I shot this short vid on my iphone to give an inside look.

Stay tuned for the release of the new designs.


I love it when brands drop their new collections because that means I can finally share the video lookbooks that I've shot.

Black Swan released their Spring/Summer collection a couple weeks ago. This was filmed in the most beautiful location in San Clemente called, Casa Romantica. I had actually attended a wedding there the month prior to filming and was excited to learn that's where the shoot was being held. Everything from the location, the clothes and the model made my job super easy.