The new 16thColony Spring/Summer 2016 collection is now live! Introducing 'Moonshadow'.

Inspired by looking at things in a new perspective. For instance, it's easy to look at the shape of the moon as it appears whether it's a waxing crescent or a waning gibbous, but I often try to image the part not show. I look at the part of the moon that seems as if it's missing - the shadow casted by the position of the sun. I image what the section of that moon looks like. 

Every collection comes from within me and this one is no different. There's a constant evolution in 16thColony, as there is with me. This collection is our biggest yet, full of new flowy dresses and skirts and flirty shorts and tops. Wander on over and check it all out here: 16thcolony.com