Just got back from the annual Hawaii trip. Gabe started out with the island vibes a week early. He flew out to Kona to film for Lexus. Afterward we met up in Oahu for a week of relaxing/exploring. Pow! Wow! Hawaii was of course happening and we only had one day of filming together, so it really did feel like a vacation.

As always, a list of places to hit up if you find yourself on the island.

  • The Modern - My all time favorite hotel on the planet. Best poolside vibes and breakfast.
  • Goofy for brunch. It's not only super tasty but really cute inside. It's like eating in a treehouse.
  • Eternity Beach - private little beach spot.
  • BLT Steak - this is our go-to Valentine's day dinner for the last few years. Get the lobster.
  • Shrimp Truck - if you venture up to the North Shore definitely stop off at the Shrimp Truck on the side of the road. It's pretty yum.
  • Lanikai Pillboxes - mild little 20 minute hike. The view is the reward. 
  • Pow! Wow! Hawaii - if you go in February while they're painting it's cool to check it out and attend all the events happening. We're usually out there filming it :)
  • Arvo Coffee - Super cute and they have some cool home goods. We got a plant pot.
  • Pioneer Saloon - If you're looking for a good Hawaiian Plate Lunch, this is it.
  • Mono - Cool little shop that sells design goods.
  • Hanauma Bay - The most magical spot there is. Go for the snorkeling.

Special Thanks to: Lira Clothing, Barton Perreira, The Modern, Pow! Wow! Hawaii