Scenes from Orlando - filming for Bridgestone tires with @0484gabe + the ColorBlind crew.

We were in Florida for a week filming. The mix of working and being with friends is so understated. I mean, it's hard sometimes, but no matter what, it's like being with family so it's always fun.

We actually ended up getting Taro Card Readings on this trip. Gabe, Robert and I were at TuTu Tango, a little artsy tapas restaurant and one of my fave spots, and as I went looking for the restroom I spotted Ashley the card reader and asked her if she would do a group reading. She doesn't but instead mentioned that she would do individual readings. So naturally, I very enthusiastically convinced Gabe and Robert to do it with me. She was SPOT. ON. I mean seriously incredible. It made for a really good night.