Up in the Hollywood Hills, Haley is busy working on her clothing line in her custom built design studio that happens to come with an incredible view. The brand is boho-luxe, for the kind of girl that likes the finer things in life and also has a free-spirited vibe. Well known for using silks in her collections, Haley hands dyes all the luxurious fabrics in Los Angeles.

We spent the afternoon chatting and drinking tea and sparkling wine. Haley gave me a tour of her design studio and home and also divulged the meaning behind her brand name, how she started Junim and what it has taken to get her brand this far.

In my opinion, Junim is a brand that stands out and is truly different. I can spot one of Haley's designs and immediately know that it's hers. Her innate ability to craft pieces with such a distinct and unique look is definitely a rare and valuable trait in this business.

"It's sort of like the old way starting a rock band. You have to go on tour and you have to meet your fans. Each person is so important."
"To make it go right is the biggest thing. There's going to be problems - you can't look at a problem or mistake and cave into yourself. You have to look at it and go, 'Okay, I'm going to make it right.' "